Validation of a hypnomagnetism method for thinning

GAZZ MED ITAL – ARCH SCI MED 2015;174:1-2 | E. RIBBE 1, A. VANNICATTE 2, M. V. MORENO 1 | 1 BioparHom, R&D Department, Le Bourget du Lac, France | 2 Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Compiègne, France

In the objective of weight loss, several methods are possible. Change in diet, increase in physical activity or use of devices … In this study the new method of hypnomagnetism is evaluated. Overweight subjects had to listen to a hypnosis session. The objective of this study protocol is to validate this method. The cohort study consisted of a group of patients who received the HypnoSlim® treatment and a placebo group who received placebo treatment. To evaluate changes in body fat and muscle mass during this protocol, circumference and impedance measurements were performed every 15 days during the 3 months of treatment. There was no significant difference initially between the group of patients receiving the treatment and the placebo group. After 3 months of treatment, in the patients group, 61.4% of the subjects lost weight. Depending on the body mass index at the start of treatment, the results are more or less significant. The average weight loss is 3 kg but can go up to 7.5 kg. Weight loss is mostly fat. Some patients have gained muscle mass or body mass. The placebo group did not lose weight on average during treatment.

A detailed description of the study in PDF in English is available for download.