Encourage international scientific research on hypnotherapy and its various therapeutic applications

Mission of the Foundation

Mission de la Fondation

Strengthen international research, clinical studies and program development to the general public. Hypnosis has been recognized for twenty years by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an effective therapy to accompany certain pathologies, including pain, tobacco addiction, obesity, stress or phobias. From now on, many surgeries are performed under hypnosis, without any anesthesia. Integrative medicine, that is to say, which mixes classical medicine and alternative medicine (hypnosis, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Patients are more and more aware of their bodies’ self-healing abilities and are seeking to limit the use of drugs.

The Foundation’s mission is to convince patients and practitioners of the strength of this non-drug therapeutic approach. Hypnosis is part of this trend in which patients tend to think their health in a new light, integrating new therapeutic approaches.

What is hypnosis?


The word hypnosis comes from the Greek “hypnos” which means sleep. The hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. The hypnotic state is considered to be a state of hyper suggestibility in which the ability to receive suggestions is higher than when being awake. Hypnosis is widely used to manage pain, whether during the surgery or chronic but also to treat psychological disorders such as anxiety for example.

The 2019 International Award for Hypnosis Research